Project: Feminine Channels


The Perri Institute for Mind and Body is proud to share new projects from our Projects and Pathways Initiative via MindBodyBrew. All students and graduates enrolled in our annual courses and independent study tracks are encouraged to make an inquiry and identify a project of performance, object, writing, film, social experiment, analysis, and more that allows them new territory to apply and deepen their understanding of mind/body practice and theory. Students are mentored by TaraMarie Perri and her team of advisors/experts, allowing for guided discovery until completion of each project. Additionally, many graduates of our programs also find that their course work in yoga, meditation, and philosophy inspires pathways of career, living, and family. Today, we present the project of Sarah Mackenzie a graduate of our 2016–2017 Foundation Course. 



feminine channels

Sarah Mackenzie

In an attempt to understand my relations to the following, I created topographies of five feminine archetypes: the mother, the huntress, the wise woman, the lover, and the queen. It has come to my attention that these female archetypes are monumental and vast entities. I found a connection to these characters by constructing visual landscapes of singular lines. These lines follow a pattern made from the mistake of the line before, eventually creating intersecting shapes.

This concept seemed related to the creation of a persona. Clarissa Pinkola Estés wrote in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves that a woman is not definable into singular narratives. While each is made from the same frame, a wild woman hides underneath her skin that uniquely defines her life. Each fault line in these structures hints toward this pulsating vibrancy, suggesting that while archetypes are categorical in nature even these have fluctuations. Coming to terms with these women, I feel they might all be me.



“In archetypal symbols, bones represent the indestructible force. They do not lend themselves to easy reduction. They are by their structure hard to burn, nearly impossible to pulverize.”



autonomy, competence, self-reliance, courage



regal, stately, capable of displaying profound inner strength



seductive, energetically charged, creative, passionate



emotional objectivity, pragmatism, worldliness



nurturing, persistent, provides sustenance