Monday Mantra: Need

Screenshot 2014-10-20 17.27.34 "I already have everything I need."

Inspired by Brianna Goodman's Sunday post on the Brew, "Observing Our Losses and Our Gains," I recalled this mantra. I do not know the exact source but it was a mantra I received years ago from a friend when setting off on my dream to build our creative teaching and research community. I knew there would be major sacrifices as I left my six-figure corporate salary to start something new. The mantra kept me sane during that transition. I can say the risk was well worth it but, boy, it was scary!

I think it goes without saying that this mantra is not solely reserved for financial or material situations. These six words still soothe my nerves during anxious moments of anticipating a new opportunity, pathway, or adventure, or when holding on too tightly to a fully-imagined hope I have placed far off into the future. Yet daily life remains the best source to recognize when to apply such wisdom. Brianna gave us some great examples to ponder.  Here is one of mine:

Recently, I moved apartments and I have to admit I have not fully unpacked. I am living only with the bare necessities and a few neatly stacked piles of cardboard boxes. While I realistically need to unpack a little bit more to at least make my new place function like my home, I admit I have slipped into appreciating the sparse quality of having very little to distract me in my environment. Minimalism and simplicity in my home is incredibly appealing and comforting. I tend towards white walls, clean lines, and no clutter. Here I have created a whole new level of minimal, even for me!

Lately, I have begun to wonder what would happen if I never unpack? Would I lose a part of me by never glimpsing the contents of the boxes? Life has been going on. I have been eating, sleeping, and working just fine without the contents of those boxes. Yes, some of my beloved books and favorite dishes are stuck in hiding and it will feel more like home to have them out in the open. But for the time being, I am curious what I could part with because I can no longer remember it.  Out of sight. Out of mind.

Do you have any uses for this mantra in your life?  How do you define a "need"?

- TaraMarie Perri