Cara Surico, (Dayton, OH), is a dance educator, movement specialist, choreographer, dancer, yoga teacher and practitioner based in NYC. She holds a B.F.A in Dance from the Fordham/Ailey Program, and is certified and licensed as a yoga teacher and Mind Body Dancer® teacher through the Perri Institute for Mind and Body. Pulling from her extensive dance training and movement and performance experience, Cara teaches creativity through the realm of movement, striving to make each class suitable for her various students’ needs while cultivating mindfulness, collaboration and community. She has and continues to create curriculum-implementing dance, movement and yoga-based programs, for ages 3-adult in both private and public settings. She currently teaches children, teens and adults at Mark Morris Dance Center as well is involved in The Arts and Education Program for Elementary/Middle School Students based in various schools throughout Brooklyn. In addition she is the Dance/Movement Specialist at both Grace Church Nursery School and Greene Hill School located. Cara continues to value and be inspired by her creative, colorful, varietal community of mindful mover and shakers! For more information please visit:



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BFA, Fordham University



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what led you to study yoga and mind/body practices?

Curiosity to unfold a deeper understanding of myself and in turn to create a deeper understanding and practice of compassion unto others.