Elise has been teaching yoga since she was certified in 2010 through The Perri Institute (formerly MBD® 200 Yoga Pedagogy Course) with TaraMarie Perri. She has been teaching yoga at The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center since 2012. A former classical dancer with an MFA in Dance (NYU Tisch School of the Arts), Elise has always had a passion for movement and music. Through practicing yoga, she discovered the transformative effect and benefits of harnessing the breath to unify body and mind. Her curiosity and wanderlust has carried her around the world and led her down various career and life paths. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband and young daughter, who reminds her every day the vital importance of play, rest, compassion, and love.





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BA, American University of Paris

MFA, NYU Tisch School of the Arts



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My lessons learned on the mat inform almost all aspects of my life and work. As a new mom, I am constantly confronted by new challenges, fears, and changes. At work, I often deal with a tremendous amount of stress that is both imposed on me and occasionally self-inflicted. With each struggle, I am reminded of my journey on the mat and the importance and inevitability of the journey itself. It always starts with the breath. Just one. That is all that it takes to remember that everything is temporary, that progress is a process, that forgiveness and compassion are always key.

how do you take what you learn on the mat into your life and work off the mat?