One day, a student came to a famous Zen master and asked to be instructed in the teachings of Zen Buddhism. The master invited him to sit and proceeded to discuss the important aspects of Zen. “First, let us understand the idea of emptiness,” said the master. But the student said, “Oh, I already know about emptiness.” The master said, “Let us then begin with the principles of meditation.” But the student said, “I already know how to meditate.” Finally, the master suggested a cup of tea. When the tea was ready, he poured it into the student’s cup. When the cup was full, the master continued pouring so that the cup was overflowing and the tea spilled all over. “Stop!” shouted the student, “You can’t pour tea into a full cup!” The master said “That’s right. Go away and come back when your cup is empty.”

the zen parable of the empty cup


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