Liz Montgomery Craig is a Brooklyn-based yoga teacher and student of Ayurveda. As both a dancer and poet, Liz draws from a lifelong study of and fascination with movement and words when crafting her classes. Class builds intentionally from simple to more complex postures, always with a focus on inquiry and self-compassion. Liz’s gentle and grounded approach has helped to demystify the practice of yoga for countless individuals and groups over the years. Since certification and licensing in yoga and Mind Body Dancer® through the Perri Institute for Mind and Body in 2011, Liz has continued her education through a variety of channels – and it is her sincere hope that she never stops learning.



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BFA, NYU Tisch School of the Arts



200-hour foundations of ayurveda, kripalu school of ayurveda

the eightfold path, the interdependence project

the energy of essential oils, perri institute for mind & body

yoga physiology of the brain, heart, and breath, perri institute for mind & body



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why did you choose teaching yoga as your pathway?

I was recently reminded by TaraMarie that I came up to her after that fateful first class and asked “how do I become a yoga teacher?” As time has gone on, I feel less that I chose this path and more that it chose me. Teaching is about so many things that I value greatly – sustained study and focus, clear communication, leadership. My reasons for staying on this path change daily, but the bottom line is that being a teacher resonates with and reinforces my deepest nature.