Max Kleiner was certified and licensed as a yoga teacher and Mind Body Dancer® teacher in 2012 through the Perri Institute of Mind and Body. In addition to Yoga, he has trained in many movement forms including ballet and contemporary dance, several styles of martial art, and Olympic recurve archery.  His teaching style emphasises awareness and balance; encouraging students to find their way back to basics, both in the physical practice of Yoga and in how they relate to their mind and emotions.  He currently lives in the West of Germany, writing, training, and practicing Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, guiding clients through the process of returning to their authentic and honest selves.




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is there a lesson from your studies that has stayed with you and become part of your personal wisdom?

There is one thing I almost always say to people when they express an interest in Yoga. 

They often say something about how inflexible they are, as a reason why they maybe shouldn’t be doing Yoga. Once I assure them that Yoga takes as much strength as it does flexibility, there is one thing I feel I need to convey. It is that Yoga is never about anybody else. It is entirely personal. There is no objective Yoga. Yoga is an individual thing. When you work on yourself, on or off the mat, you are working toward the most authentic version of you. You are working toward a natural condition for the body and a healthy and happy expression of your heart and mind. Years down the road, you can measure your progress by how close you feel your true self. It’s not about making your body look a certain way, or putting yourself in impressive postures that you saw on Facebook. It’s about coming back down to our truest expression, whatever that looks and sounds like. If you are interested in competition and comparing yourself with the world, go take up sports. Yoga is about connecting with yourself. Don’t expect to be a “better person” when you finish. Make it your goal to just be yourself.

The world doesn’t need “better people.” It needs honest people who have found the space in themselves where they can be truly happy. That is powerful. That is Yoga.


max's poetry

The more I surrender to the unknown urge,
The more deeply I feel myself taken.
And what is born in my heart is not a religion,
But a masterless faith that cannot be shaken.