Shayne Cahalan is currently a Flight Attendant with jetBlue Airways, an instructor at jetBlue University for Onboard Leadership training, and the creator/owner of pizzahustle (a traveling pop-up pizza shop near you). She loves to travel, practice yoga all over the country, and meet new people.

"I was worried when I accepted the job with jetBlue that my teaching and practice would take a backseat to the long hours and demanding physicality of this position. After five years of flying, I realize not only am I giving my Customers great service, but planting little yoga seeds as well, spreading the mind body connection all over the world."




BA, University of Central Florida



the sky


how do you take what you learn on the mat into your life and work off the mat?

It’s always interesting to me how often my yoga practice and teacher training comes to play in my life as a flight attendant, instructor, and business owner. On the plane, due to the physical demands of my profession, movement and breath are key to having a long career. I often find myself teaching my coworkers both breath and anatomy awareness techniques that are helpful and will aid in injury prevention in the future. While instructing in the classroom, practicing pranayama in order to stay present and listen fully to questions that arise from students allows patience and compassion. And finally, long days of flying in the morning, and then running my own business at night often call for an inversion or pranayama kapalabhati to keep me going. Above all my meditation and mindfulness practices keep me grounded and present each day.