feast of the senses: a sensual exploration of food

An event by The Mindful Feast™ with Fish & Bicycle
October 10, 2015

Maison Bergogne, Narrowsburg, NY


This unique event is conceived around a six-course dinner featuring seasonal ingredients sourced from the bountiful farms, forests and fields of the Upper Delaware Valley. As part of the Honeybee Festival, the menu will feature local honey. The evening begins with a guided experience to rouse the senses and open up your pleasure centers. Led by TaraMarie Perri, creator of The Mindful Feast™, we will explore simple and playful exercises designed to awaken the palate and intensify your perceptions of color, taste, texture, aroma and sound. This heightened awareness will maximize pleasure during the interactive, indoor/outdoor feast that follows. Every element of the food and décor will be artfully crafted by Fish & Bicycle, an unfolding venture slated to open at Maison Bergogne in 2017.

photos by George Billard



Fish & Bicycle


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