thai massage integrative therapy and stretch

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thai massage integrative therapy and stretch


w/ Al Turner II, LMT NMT RTT

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Affectionately known as ‘yoga for the lazy person,’ Thai massage is an ancient form of healing with origins in Eastern medicine from India and Thailand that benefits both giver and receiver with its integration of stretch, massage, breath, self-care and energetic balancing.

Participants will learn safe, guided partner stretch and non-invasive acupressure massage techniques that can be applied directly to help with muscle tightness, joint inflexibility, headaches, back pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, shoulder and neck stiffness, and dis-ease in the body such as digestive, menstrual and degenerative concerns.

In Al Turner’s words: “Sharing Thai massage continues to be a love and passion of mine for almost 20 years. This amazing modality offers something for everyone; from the young to the elderly, from the health care professional to the layperson. More than massage, this interactive healing practice can touch upon our physical, emotional and spiritual selves, preparing us for our daily yoga, dance, martial arts or fitness practice and, make us more self-aware and ready to embrace those we love and meet each day in the spirit of true Meta.”

Join us and Al Turner II for this introductory workshop and journey into the ancient healing art of Thai Massage and its benefits for your yoga and teaching practice.


Dress comfortably to move.