Mind Body Dancer® (MBD) is a comprehensive Yoga-based training curriculum designed to cultivate sustainable movement practices and mind/body wellness for dancers, performers, and artists of all ages and levels. The curriculum includes individual classes, residency programs, full curriculum integration (as a standalone or supplemental training program), one-to-one sessions, and courses to train new teachers. All aspects of the curriculum are designed to hone kinetic intelligence, facilitate technical advancement, enhance creative expression, and foster balanced stress management skills.





The Mind Body Dancer® curriculum was founded in 2009 once TaraMarie decided to formalize the programs she had been teaching dancers for years. It has since established itself as a trusted presence in the Yoga, dance, and performing arts training environments. The curriculum has been implemented extensively in various schools and universities, professional training programs, children’s programs, commercial studios, gyms, Yoga studios, and private settings all over the world. It is a keystone program within The Perri Institute for Mind and Body.


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The Mind Body Dancer curriculum can be implemented as a standalone program or as a complement to curricula already in place within schools, higher education institutions, professional training programs, and intensives. The curriculum is always customized to ensure the most effective and integrated learning experience for students and is designed in consultation with education/program directors to work in harmony with existing educational structures and other technique, somatic, and wellness initiatives that are already in place.

Years of successful implementation in various educational programs and institutions have given us the expertise to determine the most efficient programming and implementation process for any learning environment.


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Educational residencies offer schools and professional performance training programs the opportunity to open new pathways of learning and bring new material to their students in either a workshop, special event, or class series arrangement. The learning environment and teaching topics are specifically tailored to the background and needs of each student to ensure safe and steady progress for all.

Short or long-term educational residencies with a licensed Mind Body Dancer® teacher can, and often do, expand into broader curriculum applications after the initial period of learning. Length of residencies are determined by your program's specific needs.

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We have an extensive and talented community of licensed Mind Body Dancer teachers trained through the Perri Institute's foundation, pedagogy, and independent study courses. If you would like to bring an MBD teacher into your school or program we can connect you to one in your area. Or if you have a teacher employed by your school or program who you would like to be trained and licensed to teach the MBD curriculum, get in touch with us to find out which training course is the best fit.

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The following notable places have implemented classes and/or educational residencies from the Mind Body Dancer curriculum.

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