The Perri Institute for Mind and Body is dedicated to creating an integrated and comprehensive educational environment. We offer yoga and mind/body study opportunities for all levels and interests. Whether you are a newer practitioner looking to establish a foundation in Yoga asana, physiology, history, philosophy, and meditation, or a seasoned practitioner seeking the supportive resources to establish your own project or path of study, we have a program that is right for you. All of our Yoga and mind/body study programs are designed with a focus on the individual and incorporate extensive one-to-one mentorship and guidance from TaraMarie and a team of expert teachers and advisors


foundation course

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The Foundation Course is designed for practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of Yoga and mind/body practices. It is also the first step for those looking toward a teaching certification and licensing and/or careers in therapeutics, arts, sciences, or holistic medicine. Through immersive lecture periods, guest lectures, group study, classroom exercises, private mentoring, written assignments, and assigned reading materials from comparative sources, you will be challenged to assimilate these concepts into your daily life/work. Make your own connections for how the practice of Yoga expands beyond the physical asana.

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pedagogy course

prerequisite: foundation course

The Yoga Pedagogy Certification builds on the body of work explored and developed during the Foundation Course and designed to train graduates to safely and effectively teach yoga in a breath-focused, mindful style, incorporating precise and safe alignment principles. Graduates will learn to teach groups and private students of all levels and ages in a variety of settings including yoga studios, gyms, dance studios, corporate offices, and community projects. The course material honors its Eastern history, roots, and traditions while also fostering an inclusive secular focus appopriate for today's world. Graduates are also taught to apply cutting edge teaching practices to bring ancient wisdom to contemporary Western bodies and minds. The course is taught via lectures, one-to-one mentoring, discussions, workshops, and training classes. Educational resources, writings, and personal explorations continue to be encouraged and course work is supported by the Institute community.

Our pedagogy course is not a typical yoga teacher training course. Designed for serious candidates with a passion for teaching and an eye to ongoing study in related fields, this course is taught at a high level.

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independent studies

enrollment is open and ongoing for all three tracks

We established an Independent Study Program called “Projects and Pathways" was designed to provide a continuing education platform for enrolled students, creatives, teachers, and mind/body professionals, Each track will incorporate workshops and private sessions with advisors, and culminate in a presentation, publication, or project manifestation, as appropriate to the topic of study. A consultation will be set up with you to initiate Topic Identification and Research. Fees for Independent Studies vary based on the type and extent of studies you choose. Contact us to inquire about fees or receive a quote.


  • learning based (ISS)
  • teaching based (IST)
  • research based (ISR)


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remote study

TaraMarie and select Perri Institute teachers are available to work with clients remotely to support independent study courses or offer other mind/body work in a one-to-one capacity. Get in touch to see if this type of study would be suitable for your interests, goals, and needs.

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continuing education

The Perri Institute's philosophy is deeply rooted in seeking a path of ongoing learning. We offer options for continuing education in both group and one-to-one settings so that practitioners can obtain continuing education credits, expand or focus their paths of learning, or deepen their personal practice. Many continuing education options can be completed remotely. To inquire about remote study, please fill out the form above. If you have questions about continuing education options or how we would curate a continuing education path that aligns with your interests, please contact us