Historically, yoga was taught one teacher to one student so that each individual could receive the appropriate guidance for his/her mind, body, and personal or philosophical journey. In honor of this ancient tradition and with the understanding that everyone has a unique set of needs, The Perri Institute for Mind and Body specializes in one-to-one teaching and mentorship to honor the individual. We know how to integrate modalities, therapies, and holistic practices to share ancient Eastern philosophies while meeting the current challenges of contemporary Western life.

Our one-to-one sessions are available to anyone seeking a rich and supportive environment in which to develop or strengthen personal mind/body wellness. One-to-one work is also a foundation of our Yoga-based training courses and independent studies. Read more below or get in touch with us to find a teacher or see if working one-to-one is right for you.

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The Vedic teachings of Yoga and its related practices and philosophies were passed down orally through “direct transmission” from one master to one student. The arrangement between master teacher and student required thoughtful selection in order to create a healthy setting for lifelong learning.

The popularity of group Yoga classes and demonstrations arose in the 20th century when yoga masters wanted to attract more students to yoga schools. The group format traveled easily to the West, and the importance of learning one-to-one is disappearing. At the Perri Institute, we are actively working toward restoring the importance of the historical and potent teacher-student relationship.


our philosophy

At the Perri Institute we place value on passing down ancient wisdom through lineage and tradition. However, thoughtful adaptations must be made when bringing ancient wisdom into the present. Instead of "direct transmission," which implies a one-way path from teacher to student, the Perri Institute's philosophy requires a dynamic two-way transmission for one-to-one learning. When structured as a dialogue, the balanced partnership between master teacher and student can be a living, breathing, organic arrangement. The dynamic learning environment can support a single session or a lifelong learning path.


what to expect

Wherever you are is where we begin. We have several studio and private practice spaces we can book throughout New York City and in Sullivan County in upstate New York. We often teach students in their homes or offices and can work with you remotely, if appropriate.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable teachers will always prioritize your yoga interests and goals when setting class plans and the environment for each session. We prioritize safe teaching practices, supportive alignment, and mindful attention to your ongoing progress and changing learning requirements.


what we address

  • seasonal care
  • self-care guidance
  • stress management / mind relaxation
  • work / life balance
  • nutrition and diet support
  • illness support
  • dance, movement + creative expression
  • physical re-education
  • strength / flexibility / balance coordination
  • injury prevention and rehabilitation